SHOW!ip is available in english and german. 
If you want to translate the text into your language (1 hour work), we will send you a  template and a free copy of SHOW!ip. We are looking for translations into french, italien, dutch, portuges, danish, swedish, finnish, polish and a better one in english.
SHOW!ip monitors the internet  IP address - if  you are working in a network and/or with a router. It is a genius tool  to work with dynamic Internet IPs. 
The dynamic Internet IP will not only be monitored, but you can launch individual jobs:
  • SHOW!ip replaces a placeholder <<IP>> with actual IP address  in a html page or other documents and sends this page to a ftp server
  • SHOW!ip notifies you or others by email if the IP address changes
  • SHOW!ip launches a custom application and can add the IP to the process
  • SHOW!ip can copy and paste the newly obtained IP address to the clipboard
  • all features run alone or in combination
  • time interval of checking for a new IP is adjustable: one minute to day
  • SHOW!ip starts the jobs after each check or only after monitoring a changed IP.
  • Tooltips and F1-help in help in english
SHOW!ip updates your Html-pages or other documents automatically to your ftp server with the newly monitored IP, which can lead to your local webserver or webcam.

US$ 20,-- / Euro 18,-- ,  delivery download, payment by VISA or bank transfer
Download english/german version:  of: 10-20-2003 (ca. 5,4 MB) 

You need a password to install. Pleas send an email. We will send the password immediately. 
                               please mail password:
Our customers run SHOW!ip, to conect with our service center (software for artists and show agencies, see links. Our company uses SHOW!ip to update our webcam page, which can be directed via internet and to update a site with the actual IP of our local webserver (DSL/Wireless/Router). - not for public use.